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Our group has  (co-) organised the following conferences, workshops and winter/summer schools.

Gabriel Fuhrmann, Tobias Jäger, Moussa Ndour, Kathrin Padberg-Gehle and Flavia Remo
4th CRITICS Workshop and Winter School on Critical Transitions in Complex Systems: Mathematical theory and applications
05. - 16. March 2018, Wöltingerode, Germany

Tobias Jäger, Andres Koropecki, Alejandro Passeggi and Fabio Tal
Workshop on Topological Dynamics and Rotation Theory on Surfaces
18. - 22. September 2017, Jena, Germany

Kurt Falk, Maik Gröger, Marc Keßeböhmer, Sabrina Kombrink, Sara Munday and Tony Samuel

Thermodynamic formalism - Applications to geometry and number theory - in memory of Bernd O. Stratmann (1957-2015)
10. - 12. July 2017, Bremen, Germany

Alexander Brenning, Ulrich Brose, Joachim Denzler, Alexander Freytag, Miguel Mahecha, Tobias Jäger, Markus Reichstein and Carlos Sierra

Dynamics of natural (eco)systems: theory and applications
26. - 30. September 2016, Jena, Germany

Katrin Gelfert, Maik Gröger and Tobias Jäger

Workshop on Fractals, Dynamics and Quasicrystals
05. - 10. October 2015, Wöltingerode, Germany

Gabriel Fuhrmann and Tobias Jäger

Workshop on Dynamical Systems and Dimension Theory
08. - 12. September, 2014, Wöltingerode, Germany

Tobias Jäger and Roland Zweimüller

Advances and Perspectives in Ergodic Theory, Celebrating Dynamics on the occasion of Gerhard Keller's 60th Birthday
30. - 31. May 2014, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

Henk Bruin, Tobias Jäger and Roland Zweimüller

Workshop on Complexity and Dimension Theory of Skew Product Systems
16. - 20. September 2013, Erwin-Schrödinger Institute, Vienna, Austria

Maik Gröger and Tony Samuel
1st Bremen Winter School on Multifractals and Number Theory
18. - 22.  March 2013, University of Bremen, Germany

Maik Gröger and Tobias Jäger
Workshop on Skew Product Dynamics and Multifractal Analysis
01. - 05. October 2012, Luisenthal, Germany